Monday 9 June 2014

The Power Of Russian Kettlebell

Known as Giry, the Russian Kettlebell a cannonball with a flat bottom and a handle to form. Throughout history there has been a fantastic tool of force, so that the Russian word for the strong man Girevik or "Kettlebell Lifter. Kettlebell lifting in Russia and the former Eastern bloc is an international sport at local, national and world championships.

For the first time used in military programs, air conditioning, closed, which is the Russian Kettle dumbbells an excellent researchTool for improving the condition and performance. Kettlebell training is an "old school" fitness tool, the great promise for the DC in search of fitness.

The style of training used with cards Kettle Bell us to learn to make better use of our body. All trains are on the ground and get the client back on his feet to learn to use her body to produce and control force. These are useful skills for any athlete or client. What follows is an introduction to Kettle Bell, two basicKettlebell moves and proposals on how to integrate kettlebells into a routine of conditioning.

Why kettlebells (KB)?

O displaced center of gravity – The focus of the KB is six to eight inches below the center of the hand. Barbells and dumbbells center weight by hand. The offset makes the weight of KB "live" in hand and increases the difficulty and benefit from many of the tips. KBs can do anything a dumbbell, or even better – but notvice-versa.

or thick handles – training bar is often a good way to get the grip strength and the difficulty of raising certain exercises.

Variety – The number of KB drills is limited only by your imagination and safety. A KB, KB and two points to provide protection unlimited combination of boredom.

Hip Extension or Train – Ballistic KB exercises provide a heavy load on the hips and posterior chain. Much like the vertical jump, this "throat" hip extension transfers to manyathletic skills, like jumping, running and throwing.

Train or Delay – If "capture" the KB by "throwing" to be behind, agonists and antagonists to force co-contract to produce the reduction and slowing of weight. This is a skill we use every day when you change direction while walking or running.

tensile strength or balance of tension and relaxation – relaxation is speed. An athlete must be a balance between the two for maximum dexterity. KB training utilizes a balanceTension and relaxation.

Or Will Power – When high repetitions KB drills are done training, we forge an iron will and iron body. Try a set of 10 minutes of test shots. Enjoy the pain.

or fun – with the ability to manage effectively, "spin, going hand in hand and throw the KB, KB training has a fun factor and variety of non-traditional training.

Or the fact-KB versatile and can be used anywhere, provided you have enough space. It's basically a gymin one hand and a total body workout!

or burn fat in less time! – The Kettlebell help you burn about 800 calories per hour and help you burn fat in less time through the use of Peripheral Heart training (PHA). In PHA, the whole body in a way that is not based "pump" you get trained.